Workaround for bug in Drupal 8 beta 10 for uninstalling custom module.

I have tried to install my Drupal 8 custom module (microatlas), but unfortunatelly there was bug in install script. Installation did not finished successfully but the module get into inconsistent state. It was not possible to uninstall it and reinstall again. Module was not displayed under list of modules available for uninstall. After some investigation I have found out that there is missing entry in key_value table for my module and 'system.schema' key. After manually inserting entry everythink worked fine.

SQL for fixing data in mysql database is as follows:
select value INTO @value from key_value where collection='system.schema' and name='node'; 
insert into key_value (collection, name, value) values ('system.schema','microatlas', @value);
Maybe it will help someone.